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Mustang District Camporee - Registration Closes Today & Schedule Updates

15 March 2012 Mustang District Camporee Update

Registration Closes TODAY, Thursday, 15 March 2012 at Midnight!
Remember ALL participants and ALL Staff must register online and pay the $15 registration fee!
I have have seen some units register the staff members and that is great!…

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Self report your Training records here

The Sam Houston Area Council Training Team is working to make sure our training records are current and correctly recorded.  To make this as simple as possible, we are including the following link to allow leaders to notify us of updates to  their records if and when necessary. Please let your leaders know this system is now in place.  And remember...a Scout is TRUSTWORTHY!

After running a training validation on…


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Mustang District Camporee - Final Leader Packet & OPEN Online Registration

2012 Mustang District Camporee Update:

A new site supporting the activities around the 2012 Mustang District Camporee has been created at

Please take a little time navigation the top 12 areas on the left frame at the site:

  • Camporee Staff Planning Site
  • About this Site
  • Announcements
  • Registration
  • Camporee…

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Classroom YPT required for Summer camp leaders

New guidelines from the State of Texas have stated that YPT "Youth Protection Training" should be taken in person.  At this time online YPT is not acceptable for leaders that will attend a long term youth camp in Texas.  Please keep up to date with the registration and documentation requirements for the camps you will attend, as they will be updated and explained as information becomes available.  

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SHAC News Scout Fair 5% bonus extended to March 1st.



Discover Your…


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SHAC News Scouts at the Rodeo


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SHAC News Ten Commandment Hikes

Register by 2/16 for Saturday's

Ten Commandment Hike


Saturday, February…


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February 2012 Newsletter

Future newsletters, links and Mustang District Advancement news shall be posted here.


Most of the issues we are dealing with involve:

1) Eagle Scouts.

2) Troops making up their own rules.


Eagle Scouts

Please refer to the new Guide to Advancement. Download your very own copy here:

While it is good to…


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Welcome Francisco Llamosa

From the Paid Guy

A monthly newsletter by Paul Cowan

January 2012


In my last article I mentioned Nancy Salinas had been promoted to her own District; Soaring Eagle, on our northern border. Since that good news, I have been interviewing and I'm happy to announce the hiring of Francisco Llamosa.

Francisco is an Eagle Scout from Mexico with a managerial background in international finance and investments. So, not only does he have a rich tradition of… Continue

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Boy Scouts of America, Sam Houston Area Council
University of…

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Scout Shop discount 25%

I only see this a couple times a year.  Troops could buy Scout Handbooks, numerals, patches, and spare uniforms now, and as a Unit purchase sales tax exempt. Packs, do you have all your flags, poles and stands?


Save 25% on Us! Your Year 'Round Support Helps Pave the Way to Scouting's Brightest Future!

You're the reason we're here! And we appreciate your trust and support. With each Scout-gear purchase you make,…


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Congratulations Jon Yates!

Dear Commissioner leadership team: it is with great pleasure that we can announce that Jon Yates was selected as Scout Executive for Capital Area Council in Austin Texas this afternoon. Jon was selected over four other candidates and we are absolutely thrilled for Jon & Shelly and their family. As each of us recognize, few Scouters in our careers have made a greater impact on our program than Jon. His passion for success and impacting the future of Scouting has been a major factor in our… Continue

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Semester long First Aid course, First Responder Sundays in the Woodlands

Sunday, January 8, is our kick-off/organizational meeting for the EMR/LG Class of 2012. We are scheduled to meet at 2:00 PM at The American Red Cross office in The Woodlands. This will be a year of firsts.... This will be the first time we have offered the new American Red Cross Emergency Medical Response class and will likely be the first class offered to teenagers in the country. Also, we will be the first to offer the 2012 revised version of the Lifeguarding class. The final cost for this… Continue

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College of Commissioner Science a big success!

Congratulations!  Rachel Miller, Dennis Williams, Garth Heitshusen and Peter Sellier all were honored with the Distinguished Commissioner Award at the just completed College of Commissioner Science.

John Childs was on staff.  Paul Cowan and Nancy Salinas were in attendance as well as:

Jib Ahmad, Henry Bunting, Marv Kiel, Bill Wescott, Pat Whitnel and Russell Williams.

Their commitment to training brings great rewards to the scouting program in Mustang…


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Knots are changing for Cub Scout Leaders

Awards and Knots

The national council’s awards committee recently conducted a review of the hundreds of awards presented to Scouts and adults in the BSA. Many recommendations were made to simplify and update procedures, and the awards themselves.

Among the recommendations was the update of some awards and/or the knots that represent them on the uniform. These include the training awards and the Cub Scouting awards.

For example, to give the award the same recognition as…


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Camp Brosig available for camping

There are only two Troops camping at Camp Brosig the weekend of Dec. 9-11.  Let Tami Kinn know you would like to camp there.

It's a great camp with city water and flush toilets.

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Don't Text and Drive campaign

Don’t text and drive — you’ll save a life, get a patch


Get out your cellphone, and look at the last text message you received.

Read it aloud. Then consider whether that text message is so important that you’d risk getting into a car accident to read it.

Would you put your life on the line to tap out a response?

Surely not. But…


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Congratulations to Nancy Salinas

Congratulations to Nancy Salinas. We will miss her, but she has a new position leading the Soaring Eagle District as District Executive.  Best wishes in her path to "leading scouts to lifelong skills".

Vincent Manning is moving from Soaring Eagle to replace Sydney Castillo as Cub Program Director.

Sydney Castillo is heading up Special Needs. 

Donnell Cooper is changing from Big Cypress to W.L. Davis district. (Our new West Field Director, Clarence Nicholas came from…


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New West Field Director

As some of you know, Clament Newport has taken a professional scouting position in Philadelphia. 

Please welcome Clarence Nicholas as our new West Field Director.

He comes as serving many years in W.L. Davis District as Sr. District Executive.

His contact info: (office may change to Clament's desk number?)

Clarence Nicholas, 

713-756-3347 office

713-689-9061 cell…


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Welding Merit Badge

Coming soon! the Welding M.B. for Boy Scouts

The 128th merit badge, just behind the new Chess M.B. introduced this fall.

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