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from Richard Jessup:
Subject: Advancement Action - Nov '11

Mustang District Advancement News

Since the major changes right now in the advancement world deal with Boy Scouts, this newsletter is only going to Troop Advancement Chairpersons. If you are not the advancement person for your troop, please send this to the right person, then let me know.

The big news is the new Guide to Advancement. You can download your own copy here: It is recommended that you do not forward printed copies. The new national advancement committee is planning to make frequent revisions. Some estimates say the Guide will be modified every 60 to 90 days. I will send you an updated link when revisions are released.

Many of the new policy changes/clarifications deal with the Eagle process. Make sure you carefully read those sections and make sure all of the people in your Troop who deal with the Eagle process are familiar with the eight pages (50-58) in Section 9 and the Eagle rank FAQ on page 67.

Wording is changed in the new guide from the rather ambiguous wording in the older version. The words “must” and “shall” are used to designate mandated procedure where no changes are allowed. “Should” is used to designate best practices. Options and guidelines are covered with “may” or “can.”

The very first words in the new guide deal with the Policy on Unauthorized Changes to Advancement Program:  No council, committee, district or unit has the authority to add to, or subtract from, advancement requirements. There are limited exceptions relating only to youth members with disabilities – see Section 10.  Several units erode the national standards of Scouting by simplifying or toughening the requirements. All future training for all adult leaders will include this very clear and simple concept.

All council Advancement Chairmen were trained in the new guide on Sunday, 30 October. All questions and situations will be answered, from this point on, from the book. Any appeals to the policies, mandates, statements and guidelines in the book will be made to the council or national level.

If you have any questions or desire more training, please contact me by phone or email.


BSA has released a new Eagle Rank Application:

I suggest you begin using the new form immediately, but no later than 1 January 2012. The new form is in preparation for some very modern communications such as digital signatures.


BSA has also released a new Eagle Project Workbook:

The use of the new form is optional until 1 January 2012. If the Scout has already begun to use the old form, he can continue with the older form through completion of his Eagle rank. In the near future, the new form will allow for digital signatures and photos.


I am here to serve and support your efforts in scouting. Every boy deserves a great scouting experience. Everything we do is toward that end.

Richard Jessup

Twitter: - @SafetyRich

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