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December 2010

Please help me welcome our newly elected 2011 District Leadership. Chris Young, District Chairman; Jim Ebanks, District Vice-chairman and Rachel Miller, District Commissioner. Their leadership and guidance will lead our Mustang District into the 2nd century of Scouting. I also want to thank the members of the nominating committee for their tireless work at evaluating, nominating and securing this class act team. I hope you, as I do, look forward to working with them and turning the page on district operations in Mustang.

I hope you don’t think I am passing over the last month of 2010, but I am already working feverishly on my February calendar. I know in my mind we have already completed 2010 though we still have a month to go. Recharter, Centennial Quality forms, Friends of Scouting, membership, new units, manpower recruiting for 2010 are all done, complete and put to bed. Right?! Well, not quite. As I write this on Dec 1, I am looking at the SBISD calendar and count 9 full schools days left in the month. So that means only 9 days to recruit new kids before they are gone for the winter break. As a district we are still in need of 79 more kids to reach our growth goal of 5% over 2009. I think we have some of this in our recharter packets (oh yeah, those are DUE along with your centennial quality forms). Our new Crew is also bringing in a few new kids. Do we have 79 of them? Friends of Scouting is another item. Through a recent donor we are less than $2,000 from goal. Would anyone like to make an end of year contribution for 2010? Would anyone like to make an end of year contribution and have it count for the 2011 campaign? Yup; we are knee deep in working on next year’s money. More on that later.

One area we have never really nailed down are the members of the District Committee and District Committee Members at Large. I will be mailing out to as many people as I can that were voted to the 2011 slate at the annual business meeting last month an adult application to “officially” be a member of one of these committees. You are already doing the work, now we just want to get credit for it in the council’s computer. What I mean is, you have done something for the district this past year on some committee and I need to get an official record of it. No new fees. No additional responsibilities, just more paper work. AAHHHH

Looking ahead into 2011…Day Camp/Summer Camp sign ups are hot and heavy in January. We need Den Chiefs. We would like to put together 1-3 Super Troops to help the 45% of our Boy Scouts go to summer camp who typically don’t. Scouting for food materials as well as District Dinner nominations will be done at the January Roundtable. Merit Badge Fair, Webelos Woods, Arrow of Light Ceremonies are all happening in January. WOW! What a packed month.

We have had a tremendous year. I think we have a great shot at making Centennial Quality District for the first time since 2007. We have a few things to wrap up. Will you help me? Many hands make light work.

Special welcome to our newest Venture Crew 641 from Chapelwood United Methodist Church.

Thank you for all you do. If I can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to call on me. I am here for your success. Use me!

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