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Most of the issues we are dealing with involve:

1) Eagle Scouts.

2) Troops making up their own rules.


Eagle Scouts

Please refer to the new Guide to Advancement. Download your very own copy here:

While it is good to read the entire document, please refer to sections 8 & 9 starting on page 44. With only a few changes, a lot has been clarified. The format is clear and easy to understand.

Some of the issues involve Scouts being denied Boards of Review. Section Says: Boards of Review Must Be Granted When Requirements Are Met. The unit leader and committee are responsible for making sure a Board of Review is held. Do not expect a Scout to request a BoR and do not "defer" him.

There are changes and clarifications to several of the requirements. Pay special attention to Section Paragraph 6: "A board of review cannot be denied or postponed due to unresponsive references." If you have put forward a dilligent effort over sufficient time to gather reference letters, do not delay the board of review past a reasonable time.


Troops making up their own rules.

On page 2 of the new Guide to Advancement it says:

No council, committee, district, unit, or individual has the authority to add to, or subtract from, advancement requirements.

No entity is authorized to add requirements, make merit badges or rank requirements tougher, or in any way change anything in the advancement program.

We have several Troops in the Mustang District that are making up their own rules.


General Items

As of 1 January 2012 Candidates for Eagle rank must use the new Eagle rank Application and Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook. If the Scout has at least one signature dated prior to 31 December 2011 in his book, he may proceed with the old form.

Fundraising for Eagle projects is limited. See Section for details. Please note that funds raised properly for Eagle projects go toward the project or are donated to the project beneficiary. Excess funds are not to go to the Troop nor the chartered organization.


The issues discussed here are causing a good many problems.


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Thanks for reading!

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