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Hi!  I am the Council President of the Capitol Area Council.  I wanted to update you on Russell Williams blog post last year congratulating Jon Yates as new Scout Executive of the CAC.

I want everyone to know what an AWESOME addition that Jon has been to the CAC.  Jon has had an extremely trying 14 months--fire recovery planning from the Bastrop Complex fires (burned over 2500 ac's of Griffith League Scout Ranch), a lawsuit filed by 3 brothers, the victims of a pedophile before Jon (and Tom Varnell) arrived at CAC, and our ever-present membership-standards issue.

Thru all of this, Jon has maintained his sense of humor, tireless work ethic, and sense of awe of the power of Scouting.  Jon has never lost focus on his number one goal--providing a "mountain-top experience for every one of the youth in the CAC--although after a month or so, he broadened his focus to include providing a mountain-top experience for every one of our volunteers as well.  Jon has helped provide that experience for me.  There has never been a call from Jon that I didn't welcome--not because of the topic, but because Jon never ceases to "recharge my batteries" with his enthusiasm for Scouting!  

Thanks to each of you in SHAC for doing such a great job of training Jon for us! It is something in which everyone who worked with Jon can take pride.

PS-your old friend Steve Allen is doing a terrific job as Council Commissioner--he said yes to serving just in the nick of time!  His reflective demeanor and love for Scouting has been a blessing to all of us in the CAC.

Yours in Scouting,

Raymond Gray 

President, CAC

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