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Awards and Knots

The national council’s awards committee recently conducted a review of the hundreds of awards presented to Scouts and adults in the BSA. Many recommendations were made to simplify and update procedures, and the awards themselves.

Among the recommendations was the update of some awards and/or the knots that represent them on the uniform. These include the training awards and the Cub Scouting awards.

For example, to give the award the same recognition as the other top unit leader awards, the Cubmaster Award will become the Cubmaster’s Key and use the Scouter’s Key knot. The Cub Scouter and Pack Trainer Awards will use the Scouter’s Training Award knot. The Tiger Cub, Cub Scout, and Webelos Den Leader’s Awards will use the Den Leader’s Award knot. Devices to be worn on the knots will be available to indicate which awards, and for which program awards were earned.

Scouters who have earned the awards will still be able to wear the old knots as long as they are available.

The training team is currently reviewing and updating the requirements for the awards. So watch here for news, but we expect the details in early 2012.

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