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click link to request sales session:  KROGER REGISTRATION - OPEN


ALL KROGER locations are confirmed and managed through the council, DO NOT contact Kroger

Managers directly; ONLY UNITS with CONFIRMED Kroger locations may sell coupon packs at that

Kroger Location:


·          Kroger Booths will be scheduled in 4 hour blocks.

·          Each unit will be permitted up to FOUR Kroger Booths during the initial registration period.

·          Booth registration will open Feb 1st and continue through March 31st.

·          After Feb 15th, Units can then register for multiple Kroger booths after every unit in SHAC has been given the opportunity to request at least one Kroger Booth.

·             ALL Kroger Booths are pending Council Approval. Once approved, the unit will receive an approval email. This email MUST be on-site during the booth sale & presented to Kroger’s

          confirming Date and Time Slot.


Units must complete the booth registration process on SHAC website to request approval to hold a Booth Sale at Kroger’s. Please allow 48-72 hours for Council approval process to be completed for each booth request.




Kroger approved Dates for Store Front Booth Sales:

February 8th - 14th • February 24th - March 2nd • March 11th - 16th • March 25th - March 31st

Please read and adhere to the SHAC Scout Fair Booth Sales Rules & Procedures 2013 document.



Thank you,


Ginger Kern

Sam Houston Area Council, BSA

Project Coordinator

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