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August 2010

“The dog days of summer are the hottest, most sultry days of summer.” Boy is that the truth or what? Maybe that’s why our Scouts go to higher altitudes for summer camp. Well, if you haven’t read the SHAC Master Properties Plan recently, Cima will be changing the way Troops experience the heat in the summers to come. How do air conditioned dining halls sound? A reconditioned swimming pool with canopy? A top of the line shooting range with air conditioned indoor accommodations for leaders? Read the Plan, it’s all in there as well as how your Friends of Scouting money is being used at all our properties. Now we just need people to go or rather come back to our camps so those dollars are not wasted. What are your plans for Summer Camp 2011?

The first thing I ask new parents when they join Scouting is “Who is the best person to pay for your Scouting experience? The answer; “Someone else.”” I fully believe the Scouting experience should be free. Yes, we all have to “work” at making it free, that’s what money earning projects are for. Let’s talk Popcorn. Hopefully by the end of summer Packs and Troops are broke from all the gallivanting around ya’ll have done all summer. Good! That means what monies the boys have earned were spent on them in a timely fashion. Now we have to rebuild the coffers so we can make it through the winter and early spring. Popcorn sales are not just for the “Cubbies”. There are serious merit badges Boy Scouts as well as achievements Cub Scouts can work on in relation to the Popcorn sale. Not to mention the 30%-35% commission. Did you know the BSA sells more Popcorn than the GSUSA sell in cookies? I can’t tell you how many school administrators (teachers) I talk to say they have never been asked to buy Popcorn but definitely would if asked. Nobody has ever knocked on my door! I dare say we don’t knock on enough doors, yet if we did; YOUR Scouting experience could also be FREE.

With the start of school is also the start of our fall recruiting. Mustang will have our kickoff orientation Aug 5 at 7:00pm at Memorial Drive UMC (roundtable location hint hint.) SHAC is also hosting several trainings around the council but they are so late in the month, and our rallies are so early we need to do ours sooner. Everyone is welcome to attend any of them but your supplies will only be given out at our training. We seem to have a pretty good roll out of the “Pay it Forward” program. Let’s capitalize on this and make us all stronger. NEW youth are our bread and butter. Let’s toast our bread.

Pay it Forward

Who remembers the movie? The theme was ‘do something good today to reap a reward in the future’. I am asking the Boy Scout Troops to help their local feeder Packs recruit this fall and throughout the year. If the Cubs have a poor recruiting season in any given year, that negative bubble will travel through their program and into your program in 5 years. It is in the best interest of the Troops to assist the Packs now so their and your future is not jeopardized. I am putting together a suggested listing of partnerships. I need ya’lls feedback on this so you can prepare for your rallies. The Boy Scouts will take a back seat to Pack leadership that night. It is your rally. They are just there to assist anyway you need them to from registration help, to Boy Scout youth to youth help to collecting money. WE ALL MUST WORK TOGETHER FOR THE FUTURE OF MUSTANG DISTRICT.

Thank you for all you do. If I can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to call on me. I am here for your success. Use me!

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