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November 2010

I hear ya scream’n loud and clear. It seems too much communication is not necessarily a good thing. One of the first things I knew that needed to be fixed was the amount of, or rather lack of, communication from the SHAC office (my desk) to the volunteers (you). It seems there had been virtually none in the past few years and everyone was on their own to find out what was happening in the District. Not that we want to go back to that, but I have been asked to “tone it down” a bit. That said, UNLESS it is something that needs immediate attention, I will endeavor to save up all my e-blasts to once a week. This goes against my grain, so bear with me as I don’t communicate as much. Better to have some of my stuff read than to have it all deleted.

And they’re off! Recharters are now online and ready to be uploaded. I hope I have made your jobs easier by collecting all outstanding youth and as many adult applications as you have so the office can data enter these for you rather than you spending all your time doing that. Please find inside your recharter packet District Dinner nomination forms. MAKE COPIES and spread them around. You have volunteers that deserve to be recognized. So recognize them at the District Dinner. Also in your packet is your Centennial Quality Unit form. Please either fill that paper out or go online and do so. It won’t take 2 minutes. Trust me. I have had to fill out many of them on behalf of others. Regardless, turn in the completed form when you turn in your recharter.

I want to thank and commend you all for your recruiting efforts this fall. As of October 26, we have recruited more kids into Scouting than we did in all of 2009. But, yes. We are asked to recruit more. We are looking to recruit another 125-150 youth between today and December 31. I know where 75 of them are coming from. The balance I am hoping you will find in recharters and through your November and December holiday parties. You know, that thing called boy to boy recruiting…I will also be targeting specific schools, but if every unit recruits 1-2 more kids each, we are there with room to spare.

Financially, we are very close. We only need another $2600 to reach our 2010 goal. I am confident this will come in through your matching gifts with your employer and some end of year donors. 2011 is off and running. I am already meeting with key community leaders to kick off this campaign. I would be very interested in talking to anyone YOU might think could assist in next year’s fundraising efforts. Who do you know? Whose door can you open for me?

November also holds a very important election for Mustang. Our annual business meeting is November 18 at Terrace UMC. If you would like to attend and see who is being voted in for the 2011 District Leadership, please arrive before 7:00pm in the chapel. The election itself will only last about 5 minutes so don’t be late. We have plenty of chairs. It’s a church for Pete’s sake. Ya’ll come.

Special welcome to our newest / resurrected Boy Scout Troop 478 from Spring Branch Presbyterian Church.

Thank you for all you do. If I can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to call on me. I am here for your success. Use me!

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