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October 2010

Instead of a commentary this month I thought I would just bullet point some of the more important things going on in the District.

1) SHAC Jam; It’s on. Be there. This is the last opportunity to expose your new families as well as old to this very humongous one time Council event. October 8-10, 2010 at Texas World Speedway. Ya’ll come. 20,840 of your closest friends are already coming. Cub families arrive October 9 from 7:00am-5:00pm. THIS WEEKEND!

2) Youth Protection Training. Every registered adult on or before December 31, 2010 must be YPT certified or that person will be deleted from your recharter. If that person happens to be a key unit volunteer, the unit will not recharter.

3) Recharter Workshop. For that volunteer in charge of your recharter will be held October 28, 2010 Location TBA (VERY SOON). I apologize for not already having this confirmed. I will make the announcement soon.

4) Akela’s Trail. ALL Cub parents, leaders and “just” parents should ALL come to this. This is the best supplemental training in one location you could hope for. It will rejuvenate your Pack, your Dens and more importantly your parents.

5) Centennial Quality Unit Award. Back in January you set goals for your unit to strive towards. November is the first day you can qualify. How do your accomplishments towards those goals look? The commissioner team will be able to visit with you after next week to go over your status.

6) Journey to Excellence. Get ready for the NEW Quality program. This will be rolled out in November for the 2011 recharter season. As just a sneak peek, there will be Bronze, Silver and Gold level Awards. The District, Council and National Council also have the same goal structure and all depend on the units to excel. I am motivated to help you.

7) District Dinner. Yes, I know its next year, but have you started thinking about your nominations?

a. Spirit Award

b. District Award of Merit

c. Family of the Year

d. Partner in Scouting

e. Charter Partner Award

8) Webelos to Scout Transition. We lose ½ of our Webelos from Scouting before they ever get to a Troop. I hope Troops and Packs have maintained their Pay it Forward relationship and are actively visiting each other, sharing calendars, invitations to campouts, open houses and not just sitting back waiting for them to come to you. Yes, many will. But as I said we are going to permanently lose 300+ Webelos from Scouting at recharter time that could be avoided with a personal relationship. Save a Scout. Be proactive. Make the personal phone call.

9) I am still interviewing Wall Flowers. Those adults who could make great volunteers if just asked. Please share with me their names. I will ask them, I will train them and I will give them back to you with a more rounded view of Scouting so they are an asset to you and not just a Wall Flower.

10) Annual Business Meeting. The election of 2011 officers for the District will be Thursday November 18, 2010 at Terrace UMC at 7:00pm. Come meet who will be leading us to success in 2011. I won’t ‘necessarily’ put you to work.

Thank you for all you do. If I can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to call on me. I am here for your success. Use me!

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