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Semester long First Aid course, First Responder Sundays in the Woodlands

Sunday, January 8, is our kick-off/organizational meeting for the EMR/LG Class of 2012. We are scheduled to meet at 2:00 PM at The American Red Cross office in The Woodlands. This will be a year of firsts.... This will be the first time we have offered the new American Red Cross Emergency Medical Response class and will likely be the first class offered to teenagers in the country. Also, we will be the first to offer the 2012 revised version of the Lifeguarding class. The final cost for this years program are not yet set. They will be by our organizational meeting but will not be higher than last year which was $175.00 for new participants and $50.00 for our returning alumni. Full and partial scholarships are available in accordance with our policy that no youth will ever be turned away from any of our programs over course fees.

As is our tradition, participants also need to plan on $10-$12 each week for lunch. It is very important that all our current ER trained members and Green Shirted Friends plan to re-certify to the new material this year. This will be our staff instructors first chance to teach the material too. Mr. Novotny has some new lunch places for us this year and, as amazing as it sounds, all of the restaurants from last year are welcoming us back! Our class will meet 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM "every Sunday" as usual and we expect to complete the class by late March this year. We will have a lot of new material to cover and we are planning a late start on the Lifeguarding class so that we will be using the new material. The classroom portion is scheduled for The ARC office in The Woodlands and our pool sessions will be held at The Conroe Swim Center.

That is the good news guys... we have a great new program planned for this year. The not so good news is, as of today, I can count on one hand (not using my thumb) the number of teenagers that have expressed an interest in the class this year. We do need to get the word out. All Venture age Scouts, Venturers, Sea Scouts, our GSUSA friends, Civil Air Patrol and American Heritage Girls that are "fifteen by March 15" or older are very welcome too.... Any teenager, fifteen and older that is up for the challenge is welcome. This program is designed for mature teenagers and adults that are willing to act like teenagers. We understand that the program is a tremendous time commitment but it is well worth the effort. Teenagers that successfully complete the EMR/LG program are pretty well assured a good summer job at area pools and there are many opportunities for our guys to work at BSA/GSUSA camps across the country. That includes Texas, New Mexico-Philmont, the National High Adventure Bases in Minnesota and Florida plus camps in Alaska, Colorado and Hawaii! The "First Responder" certification on top of American Red Cross Lifeguarding is your ticket to a fun summer job!

OK, I have a special request: We need to have all our friends on the Enews mailing list make sure that interested youth in your unit know about this class. Our many alumni need to help us promote the class too as well as to plan to attend and re-certify! Teenagers with an interest are encouraged to email us for more information and to plan to attend the organizational meeting on January 8. Come on the 8th and check it out! If you want to sign on, you will be welcome. If you decide you are not interested, that is fine too. This will be our 15th year guys and it will be special. Plan to be a part of it!

We had another great training year guys! We have a new Eagle Scout and are all set to kick off the new Emergency Medical Response class. We trained lots of Scouts and Venturers through our FA-CPR/AED classes, more WEBELOS participated in our BAT program than in recent years, and our Wilderness and Remote First Aid programs remain the standard for other groups across the country to meet. We trained lots of new instructors this year including youth BAT-I's and our first ever instructor weekend was very successful too. We got word of Scouts and Scouters that used the training we provided to save lives and that IS what it is all about! We have had some "growing pains" with the changes in the way we work with The American Red Cross but that has actually worked out well. We are all set for another great year! It is very important to recognize our many youth and adult volunteers. Without your efforts, this program would not be successful. It is our volunteers that make it work! Thanks guys.

Jay Walker Advisor BSA Crew-911 The Woodlands/Conroe, TX

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