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The Cockrell Foundation Matching Gift Program
Supporting the Endowment of the Sam Houston Area Council, BSA

Scouting helps young men and women build character, citizenship and fitness. Developing youth who are physically strong, mentally awake, morally straight, has been the work of the Boy Scouts of America since 1910. Our efforts will be even more important in coming years.  Scouting can benefit every youth, family and community in our nation, but expanding the scope and vigor of Scouting's programs will require more financial resources.

Encouraging gifts to the Sam Houston Area Council's permanent endowment is one of our Council's highest priorities. It ensures that our Council will continue to offer the outstanding programs we currently have and also allow us to grow to meet the future needs of our youth and communities. Endowment is a means through which an individual or a group can financially invest in the ongoing work of the Boy Scouts of America within the Sam Houston Area Council. Unlike the annual operating support fund drive through the Council's Friends of Scouting campaign, endowment gifts allow individuals and groups to make a financial commitment with a long term view to the work of the Council in the form of either current or deferred gifts.

The Endowment is carefully managed by a corporate trustee, under guidelines given by Sam Houston Area Council's Executive Board. Endowment gifts are designed to be in addition to and not replace or diminish the donor's annual support of Friends of Scouting.
To encourage donations to the Sam Houston Area Council's Endowment, The Cockrell Foundation will be providing a dollar for dollar match of all individual gifts in the amount of $500 - $25,000 made to the Endowment by December 15, 2013.  The National Endowment Recognitions of James E. West and the Second Century Society will be used to recognize those that support the Sam Houston Area Council's Endowment.  The 2013 mission is to raise one million dollars in support of the Council's Endowment.

More details and resources are available at  Or you can download the mobile app at

To be successful in our efforts of helping the Council "Be Prepared", we aim to receive Endowment gifts from 250 donors totaling $500,000.  We have updated the mobile app (link below) to help educate donors on the importance.  Last month, you received the Endowment Stewardship Report to see how the funds are changing lives in the Sam Houston Area Council.  Now is the time to begin educating prospective donors on these aspects by educating them at Unit, District, & Council Meetings, and conversations, in person or by phone.

Thank you,

Devin D. Koehler, CFRE | Senior Development Director of Endowment


2225 North Loop West |  P.O. Box 924528
Houston, Texas 77292-4528
office 713.756.3321  |  cell 713.839.5885<>>>

Download the Mobile App/span>> or follow us on twitter @EndowNOWshac/span>> to learn more about The Cockrell Foundation Matching Gift Program/span>> and the Endow NOW Campaign.

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