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Mustang District Camporee - Final Leader Packet & OPEN Online Registration

2012 Mustang District Camporee Update:

A new site supporting the activities around the 2012 Mustang District Camporee has been created at

Please take a little time navigation the top 12 areas on the left frame at the site:

  • Camporee Staff Planning Site
  • About this Site
  • Announcements
  • Registration
  • Camporee Leader Packet
  • Camporee Schedule of Events
  • Camporee Planned Events
  • Camporee Activities Map
  • ---Supplemental Activities---
    • Adult Training at Camporee
    • OA Call-Out Ceremony
    • The remaining information is focused toward the staff.


The first thing you should notice is that the Final Leader Packet is available and Online Registration is Open.

Much of the information on the site exists in the Leader Packet, but you should refer both sources as each are conducive to different forms of detail and explanation.

There are multiple ways of seeing new items such as the Announcements, either at the bottom of the home page or at the Announcements page.   The main page also has a summary of the recently uploaded files residing in the Resource Section.

We have done our best to provide a thorough description of the process, procedures and activities surrounding the Camporee in the Leader Packet and on the Camporee site.  However, if you have questions or suggestions, please free to contact Pat Whitnel, the 2012 Mustang District Camporee Director at


Pat Whitnel

2012 Mustang District Camporee Director

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