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Mustang District Camporee - Registration Closes Today & Schedule Updates

15 March 2012 Mustang District Camporee Update

Registration Closes TODAY, Thursday, 15 March 2012 at Midnight!
Remember ALL participants and ALL Staff must register online and pay the $15 registration fee!
I have have seen some units register the staff members and that is great!
For those Staff members I have an email address for, they were just sent another reminder to coordinate with their units for their registration fee - I don't want 2 payments for one individual.
I have tweaked the schedule a little bit, but only as it applies to the Adult Training.  This is all descrbied in the announcement on the Camporee Home page,, and the details are documented in the "Camporee Schedule of Events" and the "Adult Training at Camporee" sections.
As you can see below, in order to conduct one of the Classroom-based YPT Training Courses required by the State of Texas Code YC06-0014 for adults attending day camps, resident (summer) camps and teach NYLT in Texas, we have moved back the start time of the 1st course SM/ASM Leader Specific Training to 8:00, created a working lunch, in order to end by 4:00.  We will conduct the YPT training from 4:00 unitl 5:30.
We conductiong the following adult training at the 2012 Mustang District Camporee.
  • Boy Scout SM/ASM Leader Specific Training
    • Location: Dan Beard Pavilion, Camp Strake
    • Time: All day Course, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Working lunch is included for Camporee attendees, day visitor must bring their own brown bag lunch
    • Bring a 5' piece of rope
    • Please wear full Field [Class A] Uniform
    • Cost: None
    • Please bring your BSA number with you
During the registration process you will be asked to identify those adults who plan to attend this training.
In order to insure have adequate resources to conduct the training please select all of those who are planning to attend.
    • Youth Protection Training (YPT) - State of Texas Code YC06-0014 Classroom-based TrainingLocation: Dan Beard Pavilion, Camp Strake
  • Time: 4:00 - 5:30 PM
  • Please bring a writting pen in order to complete the written test
  • Please bring your BSA number with you
While we will announce this at the Friday evening SPL & ASPL meeting, please share this information with the leaders that will be attending camp from your unit.
Pat Whitnel
2012 Mustang District Camporee Director
Cell: 713-826-0322
2012 Mustang District Camporee Update:

A new site supporting the activities around the 2012 Mustang District Camporee has been created at

Please take a little time navigation the top 12 areas on the left frame at the site:

  • ·        Camporee Staff Planning Site
  • ·        About this Site
  • ·        Announcements
  • ·        Registration
  • ·        Camporee Leader Packet
  • ·        Camporee Schedule of Events
  • ·        Camporee Planned Events
  • ·        Camporee Activities Map
  • ·        ---Supplemental Activities---

o  Adult Training at Camporee

o  OA Call-Out Ceremony

  • ·        The remaining information is focused toward the staff.

The first thing you should notice is that the Final Leader Packet is available and Online Registration is Open.

Much of the information on the site exists in the Leader Packet, but you should refer both sources as each are conducive to different forms of detail and explanation.

There are multiple ways of seeing new items such as the Announcements, either at the bottom of the home page or at the Announcements page.   The main page also has a summary of the recently uploaded files residing in the Resource Section.

We have done our best to provide a thorough description of the process, procedures and activities surrounding the Camporee in the Leader Packet and on the Camporee site. However, if you have questions or suggestions, please free to contact Pat Whitnel, the 2012 Mustang District Camporee Director at

Pat Whitnel

2012 Mustang District Camporee Director

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