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Mustang District Sponsored BSA YPT Training for Anyone 18 years of age - Extended Camps

Fellow Mustang Scouters,
As a result of the way BSA has changed the way it records the result of the online BSA Youth Protection Training (YPT), the State of Texas has required the BSA modify its processes and procedures for ALL individuals 18 year of age and older that staff, attend, participate or visit long term camps in the State of Texas.
In a nutshell, the State of Texas to Youth Protection Training only applies for individuals who are:
  1. Attending of the following types of camp in the State of Texas: (Camps lasting longer than 72 hours)
    • Day Camps (Tiger Cubs,Cub Scouts, Webelos Scouts)
    • Summer Adventure Camp (Cub Scouts, Webelos Scouts
    • Residence Camps (Summer & Winter Camps)
    • National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)
  2. 18 years old or older (including Venture Scouts) if they are:
    • working as Staff
    • attending
    • participating
    • visiting
Rather than make a very long email, I encourage you to read the web page content I have populated around YPT at the Mustang District Training site,
At the site, start under Training Courses
Describes both the traditional BSA YPT in yellow.
In the rust color, you will find the history, who & what is in scope, what the training experience will be like for the facilitators and participants, when and where are the training classes, what the training experience will be.
There is also a FAQ at the bottom of the page, where you will find those offered from SHAC, along with a Mustang list. 
YPT - BSA Standard Policy - Online or Classroom,
Details the traditional BSA YPT
YPT - State of Texas Requirements - Classroom Only,
Details the State of Texas required training, lists the approved facilitators, has a calendar of the upcoming training events and a link to register online for the training that will occur 14 times on most Monday and Thursday evenings during April and May.
We have 2 sessions coordinated with Day Camp Training.
We have 1 Spanish only session assigned & are looking to assign one more.
Just above the list of training dates at the bottom of the YPT - State of Texas Requirements - Classroom Only is the link to register you and others online.  Please do so as the facility has a 50 person attendance cap for safety.


Pat Whitnel
Mustang District Training Chair

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