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Save the Date - 22-24 March 2013 Mustang District Camporee

It is official; the 2013 Mustang District Camporee date is set for 22-24 March 2013 at Camp Strake.

We are actively seeking an adult volunteer to be Camporee Director for the 2013 event. They won't be in this alone, as the Director for the last 2 years will shadowed them every step of the way.

In addition, we are also seeking a scout to accept the senior leadership role as Senior Patrol Leader.  This is a great opportunity for a mature Star or Life scout to expand their organizational, management and interpersonal skill sets and experiences outside the safe zone of their own unit. If the scout is or will soon be a graduate of NYLT, they will really benefit from the skill sets NYLT exposes them to as they lead this event.

The SPL will help recruit their senior support staff, activity captains and support staff for the activities, tweak the program based on 2012 feedback and incorporate some of their own ideas in the 2013 program, in ways that will entice other scouts to want to attend Camporee.  

For scouts, serving on staff as well as those who attend as participants, Camporee is a terrific opportunity for scouts to learn new skills, engage in fun new experiences, develop relationships with scouts in other units in team building and scout friendly and appropriate competitions.

With the program developed over the last 2 years by the scouts for the scouts, it has required between 70-80 scouts and adult mentors to staff the event.  They all work hard and take extreme pride in serving their fellow scouts and equally important they all appear to really enjoy themselves as they serve.  So if you enjoy having lots of fun, volunteer as an adult mentor or scout staff member.  However, if you prefer to participate that is great too.  Either way, put the 2013 Camporee date on your units' calendar and plan to attend.

If you are interested or know someone who would be a good candidate for any position, please email Pat Whitnel at

The Mustang District Camporee site is actively counting down to the 2013 Camporee date, and for the time being the 2012 material remains active for you to view.  As we begin to prepare the site for the 2013 event, the 2012 material will be migrated to a new archive area on the site.

Pat Whitnel

2011-2012 Mustang District Camporee (retiring)

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