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Dear Mustang Scout Pack Leadership:

You are receiving this email as you are shown as the 2014 Fall Pack Master and/or Committee Chair.  It is time to start recruiting for Scouts for your Pack. Please don't ignore this email as planning for the future life of your Pack begins NOW, June 2014, not the day school starts.  The District is here to help you, but with so many Packs we can't wait until August.

Take a minute to look at the date outline prepared below to help you successfully have a killer Scout Rally/School Night For Scouting (SNFS).  See the attached 2014 flyer and poster that we need to have your Schools Rally/SNFS date. 

If you are not involved in the Pack anymore, please write me back with your Former Pack, email address, name, Former Title and replacement person's name, title, phone # and email address.  Then I will remove you from this distribution list.  

Let's start with some important dates in the coming months.  I'll send you more helpful information in the coming weeks after I call and discuss how the Mustang District can assist your Pack and we can set enrollment goals. (without goals, we tend to just slide along)

July:  Pack Leadership meets to start Fall Recruiting (house of Pack Leadership Meetings, have ideas. if you have questions)

July :  Send your dates for Rally/School Night For Scouting so the attached flier will be printed and given to the school for distribution in the packets for the 1st day Students.  It takes a WEEK to get the printing done by SHAC, so unless you PACK is going to do it, you have to give Brendan you date at least 2 weeks in advance of the flyer needed at the school(s).

August 1:  Packs start contacting via email, phone and snail mail to non-scout Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade Boys to come to the Fun Pack Meeting/Summer events they are having (if you don't have one planned, then go plan one.  Build interest NOW!!!!)

Aug. 1, Meet with Principle to confirm dates for Boy Talk and location at School for Rally on Aug. 26, 27 or 28

Aug.14: Training and Materials for School Night For Scouting/Rally, MDUMC

Aug. 25: Have a booth, table or presence at the First Day of School (HISD & Spring Branch)

Aug.26, 27 or 28   THE BIG DAY!!! School Night for Scouting at school(s)

Aug. 28 thru Sept. 10, Brendan can come an pick up Scout Applications/monies from Pack Leadership

Sept. 11, 2nd Turn In.  Turn in School Night/Rally Signed/check Scout Applications with monies--it costs $20 in 2014 to join, excluding Boy's Life, which is still $12

Oct. 9, Please turn in ALL Adult applications, hopefully they have their YTP done and Signature of Sponsor on their application at MDUMC. Sooner if you have them


Contact John Tobin, 713-789-2370

Mustang District School Night For Scouting Chairperson/Rally

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