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Dear Andy,


Two-and-a-half years ago, my son crossed over to Boy Scouts… Not the “Dads-Run-The-Show Scouts” or the “Adults-Make-Up-New-Rules Scouts,” but a troop that’s really boy-run, and he loves it. No one tells him he “can't.” When he earns a rank, he gets the rank badge when he walks out of the board of review. If he advances two ranks, in two back-to-back reviews, then he gets two badges! When I took him to his first meeting, his new Scoutmaster needed some folks to be trained. I said OK.Two months later, he hands me a Scoutmaster patch—I had noidea what to do, so I got trained in everything. Two weeks ago, I received myWood Badge. Yes, that took some time and effort, but hey, I get it now! It's about THE BOYS. The troop’s adult leaders are building a relationship with the pack through Den Chiefs and parent-to-parent meetings. This year, our troop picked up ten Webelos Scouts from the pack plus three boys who’d never been in Scouts at all! In a few months, we’ve cultivated 14 more to join up, and when they do, one parent from that former den will take training.


Every month I read your column and it justkills me! <grin> Whenever I seem to get in the Scouts’ way, another dad gives me a little tug on the sleeve—it’s a reminder thatthis isn’t my game; it’s our sons’ game! Every meeting, I learn something new. My humble advice: Get trained; then get out of the way.


Thanks, Andy, for all your knowledge and advice. I just had to get this off my chest. (Warren Cofield, SM, Los Padres Council, CA)

You know you're my "paycheck," yes? It's testimony like yours that makes all the difference—especially in the lives of boys!

Happy Scouting!

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